“Up into Thin Air” Case Study

“Up into Thin Air” Case Study by Jennifer Lundmark

A group of mountain climbers went out climbing.Tom Benman lead da pack and would check on the group to see if everybody are okay.He would yell it out but they had stop replying due to them being exhausted by the supreme effort of them placing their foot in the right  spot.Three hours into a 12+ hour climbing day,the silence was permeated only by labored breathing and the crunch of ice under crampons.Emily Norman,a registered nurse and the only woman on the six – person expedition team,was third in line.She was following her friend Mark,the least experienced climber of the group.Days before the climb Mark had been feeling down,he had been coughing heavily and all morning he had been slowing up.Which caused a backlog behind them.Emily was concerned about Mark but she was hesitant to urge him to pick up his peace.She told him to rest.I decided to take him back down to altitude.His breathing started increasing with every passing moment,he sounded very horrible.They thought it was because Mark didn’t experienced the same physiological changes they did but he did because he was with them.That made them lead to that the fact he was having breathing problems was a problem.Before they could even reach the lower camp Mark had deteriorated rapidly and lost consciousness.Tom,John,and Pete all carried mark to the camp.The situation with Mark helped strengthen all the tired legs of the climbers.Emily called support,which sent an airlift.He was sent to the hospital and they check his blood levels, ran pulmonary function test,check his heart rate,and blood pressure.Mark was alright though he just had developed HAPE at the time but good now he just need to be careful about his climbing.

Clinical Analysis

How would the oxygen and gammow bag help Mark.?

The oxygen he receive from the bag would help him breath and will reduce the effects of altitude sickness

If you were a member of the medical team examining Mark,what types of tests would you run?  Why?

I would run a physical exam,test kidney function,blood count,and chest x-ray test.Would draw blood from an artery in the wrist to check the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide it contains.

What types of results do you expect to find? Explain your reasoning

I expect to see that he has pulmonaryedema and that he doesn’t have much oxygen


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