Muscular System Final Project



Basic Functions:

The  three  main  functions  of  muscles  are  to  (1)  cause  movement,  (2)  provide  support,  and  (3)  produce  heat  and  energy.

There are plenty of major organs located in the muscular system which consist of:

The muscular system is an organ system consisting of skeletalsmooth and cardiac muscles.

(C)The main role of the muscular system is to provide movement. Muscles work in pairs to move limbs and provide the organism with mobility. Muscles also control the movement of materials through some organs, such as the stomach and intestine, and the heart and circulatory system.


The orofacial myological disorders are a set of disorders that affect the muscles surrounding the face, jaw, lips and mouth. There are many different types of orofacial myological disorders like blocked nasal airways, dental malocclusions, speech problems, atypical swallowing and chewing patterns, abnormal posture of the orofacial musculature while resting, etc.The treatment measures used for orofacial myological disorders include restoration of correct/proper swallowing patterns, re-education of muscle movement and establishment of adequate labial-lingual postures.

Myopathy is one of the many disorders of muscular system; it is characterized by muscle weakness which results from improper functioning of muscle fibers. The different muscle disorders like stiffness, muscle cramps and spasms could also be associated with myopathy. There are many types of myopathies and hence, the treatment for each of them is different. Treatment measures used for myopathy could be the ones which target a specific cause or those dealing with symptoms only. Physical therapy, drug therapy, acupuncture, surgery and bracing for support are amongst the treatment measures used for myopathy.

Maintaining healthy muscles takes more than exercise, although this is important. You body is made up of three types of muscles: smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and skeletal muscles, all of which perform different functions. Keep all three types of muscles healthy and performing at their best by taking care of your overall health and providing your muscles with the nutrients and stimulation they need.Also avoid smoking and stay hydrated.


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