Choosing Babies Gender: The Fertility Institute Offers the Option

The summary of the video is basically the fertility institutes offer the option for a  pregnant parent to select what gender they want there egg/unborn to be.They can see the genetic of human embryos that the parents made before they go back to the mom and dad.Sex selection is elegal in most of the world.People from different countries has came to the united states retreatment because of that reason.There no restrictions on gender selection in the united states couples doesnt need no good medical reason nor justicifaction for it.In conclude the Fertility Institutes can give you what you wish for

 <–Begins at 2:05

The sperm and egg unite in one of your fallopian tubes to form a one-celled entity called a zygote. If more than one egg is released and fertilized, you may have multiple zygotes.The result is a unique DNA structure, different from both that of the ovum and the spermatozoon.Soon after fertilization, the zygote travels down the fallopian tube toward the uterus.The zygote undergoes mitotic cellular division but does not increase in size. There is implantation of the embryo onto the endometrial lining of the uterus. During this time it begins to divide until it has grown to about 100 cells.The egg, now called a blastocyst, then implants in the tissue lining the wall of the uterus. The uterus will then house and protect the developing fetus for 38 weeks, or approximately 9 months.When the fetus has matured and birth is imminent, the baby begins to go through a series of movements that help it navigate through the birth canal


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